Wash Bag
$14.95 $9.95

Mesh Laundry Bag to wash and protect your NanoGear as well as your delicates! Our Nano WashBag made of a tightly woven mesh (not netting) allows you to skip the labor of hand-washing and toss your items right into the washing machine so your products will come out unharmed and squeaky clean. We recommend using it for all of your NanoSocks gear. The heavy duty zipper pull slides under a protective sleeve to keep the zipper itself intac shielding it from breakage, keeps the Wash Bag closed while in the washer and protects your delicates by having a snag free wash. The Nano WashBag also serves as a perfect travel bag to organize your items without adding more bulk. It’s an excellent way to pack your delicates! Take care of your purchases and get the absolute most life out of them with the Nano WashBag!