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RELIEF:  The NanoSleeve heavy-duty compression sleeve was designed to help minimize pain and discomfort in the biceps, elbows, and forearms associated with joint pain, arthritis, ligament injury, tennis elbow, tendonitis, and more.  It may also be beneficial during the recovery process post-surgery.

ENHANCED SUPPORT:  This compression sleeve provides maximum support throughout your daily activities.  Whether they be simply day-to-day tasks or the constant wear and tear of an athlete or working professional, the NanoSleeve will help you get through it all.

TARGETED COMPRESSION:  The NanoSleeve is constructed of our proprietary 3-D Nano-Weave technology to add multiple layers for an enhanced 360 degrees of a targeted soft compress providing a compression level of 20-30 mmHg.  The compression feature helps to reduce swelling by encouraging blood flow and circulation. 

TECH:  Made of a soft, absorbent moisture-wicking, breathable knit comprised of 70% nylon / 30% spandex, the NanoSleeve was designed for maximum comfort and optimum results.  Comfort bands at the top and bottom of the sleeve prevent slipping while the horizontal stitch on the back provides flexibility and comfort over the elbow.  

INCLUDED:  One (1) NanoSleeve compression sleeve to fit on either the right or left arm.